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Mistress Montana holding wooden paddle ready to spank you


Mistress Montana, the Austin, TX Disciplinarian that will paddle you into submission.

Face the facts: It's time that you finally learned your lesson.

I am Mistress Montana, a stern Woman, a relentless disciplinarian and a ruthless purveyor of perversions.  I will deal with your bad behavior by bending you over my knee for a good hard paddling.

Are you a man or woman who is in need of the following?

You need a one-on-one attitude adjustment with my wooden paddle?

You dream of feeling the sting of my hand, paddle, belt or cane on your bare bottom?

You seek to explore your fantasies and you need REAL LIFE discipline?

If so, you have come to the right place because my specialty is Corporal Punishment!  I am well equipped to make your bare bottom bright red and very sore.

I will make your unique spanking fantasy come true. I give REAL LIFE discipline for REAL LIFE infractions. Whether this is your first time or if you have experienced my unrelenting and brutal discipline for years, you won't be disappointed. I am a vicious stern female disciplinarian that will take you right where you need to be….. or over the edge.

You will find my combination of incomparable beauty and relentless brutality to be intoxicating. I will leave your mind swirling with thoughts, your body yearning for more, and your bottom very sore.

- Mistress Montana, THE Austin, TX Disciplinarian

Call to book your session.
Austin 512-666-3405
Dallas 972-203-6026

Please check my calendar to see my travel schedule.

Regular session rates below:

Sessions Rate

Phone Sessions

I DO NOT OFFER $75 $85 OR $95 sessions.


Mistress Montana Paddles Man OTK

Mistress Montana Paddles Man HARD

OTK Hair Brush Spanking

Mistress Montana’s is a global Domination service, providing customers with exceptional Domination coupled with, insightful and enriching experiences that expand the mind and probe the limits of your body.

Call to book your session.
Austin 512-666-3405
Dallas 972-203-6026


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